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Northeast Whitewater Rafting

See the best of Maine with the best in Maine!

Where can you find whitewater rapids that will leave you breathless with excitement running through breathtakingly beautiful scenery? The best whitewater rafting in New England is in northern Maine, and the best way to experience Maine whitewater rafting is with Northeast Whitewater. Maine's Kennebec River and Penobscot River run right through our backyard, and we know these rivers, and play these rivers, like no one else. Design your small, personalized whitewater rafting adventure with the registered whitewater rafting guides of Northeast Whitewater. When you book your Maine whitewater rafting vacation with Northeast Whitewater, you see the best of Maine with the best in Maine.

Northeast Whitewater is a small, locally owned whitewater rafting adventure service with a big reputation. We are Maine's only whitewater rafting guide service registered for swift water rescue, so you can be confident that your Maine whitewater rafting adventure will be thrilling, but safe. Many of Maine's whitewater rafting and registered Maine guides trained in our own outdoor education schools and to our tough rafting standards, so you can be sure your Northeast Whitewater whitewater rafting guide is one of the very best on the whitewater.

Our whitewater rafting adventures launch on high performance whitewater rafting equipment, built to perform in the most challenging rafting conditions Maine's Kennebec River and Penobscot River can provide. Our whitewater rafting and whitewater kayaking put-in times are also the best in Maine—we schedule our whitewater rafting trips around you, not around other rafting trips. At Northeast Whitewater we know you chose a Maine whitewater rafting adventure to see the Kennebec River, Penobscot River and the Dead River, not other tourists.

From our rafting trip drivers to our registered Maine whitewater rafting guides, you'll receive friendly, professional service from our staff who love the Maine outdoors. Our Maine whitewater rafting vacations average just 25 people, so we can guarantee the best possible whitewater rafting adventure. Our registered Maine whitewater rafting guides serve up hearty, home-cooked meals in the Maine outdoors —our brownies are customer favorites!—along with whitewater rafting thrills pitched to your comfort and rafting skill level, photos and videos of your whitewater rafting adventure, information on the Maine outdoors and Maine wildlife, and a whole lot of fun.

Located in picturesque Greenville, Maine, in the heart of Maine's famous Moosehead Lake region, Northeast Whitewater is the perfect place to start your Maine whitewater rafting or whitewater kayaking adventure. See the North Maine Woods and whitewater rivers with the registered Maine outdoor guides who love it most and know it best—Northeast Whitewater. Northeast Whitewater rafting vacations are not just wonderful ways to see Maine's Kennebec River and Penobscot River—they're wonderful ways to see Maine!

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